Oily Bits



S11/S12 & S12b   Engines  -  now available


S9 Engine complete   fully re-built dyno'd  and ready to fit


Very Oily Bits

WRC  Sumps    S5  -  S14

New  WRC Flywheels 200mm Clutch S5 (Modified Type)

WRC  Flywheel   184mm Clutch  

WRC  &  GpN   Con Rods

New  EJ20   WRC  &  GpN  Blocks

Not  So Oily Bits

WRC  Engine  Breather  Hoses


WRC  Boost Pipes  &  Hoses

S12  Intercooler Assembly  &  Exit Duct

Intercoolers    S5  -  S12

WRC  Boost Packs


WRC  Throttle  Body                                              WRC  Magnesium Inlet Manifold


                       Logger Cards                                                                          WRC  Cam  Pulleys


 WRC  Engine Mounts     





          Water Injection System  -  Pumps & Parts