Rodney's Rally Tips

#1:  Always pick a Navigator who keeps his eyes on the map

#2:  Three wheels can be better than four

#3:  Always "play" to the crowd whenever possible 

#4:  Grips + Tarmac  =  far too much sideways fun

#5:  Your  Co-Driver should have something firm to hold on to - or just open just open the window

#6:  On "night rallys" - Always be prepared to Give Way at Junctions

#7:   See  #6

#8: There is just no such thing as too sidways

#9: Try to keep out of ditches in Halfway

#10: If you want to impress - get Malcolm Wilson to drive your car

#11:  If all else fails - borrow your ex Co-Drivers car

#12If your Co-Drivers snoring keeps you all awake the night before a Rally - with

your service crew, carry him in his bed to the hotel lobby and leave him there - it works !

ALWAYS  "warm-up"  before starting a stage

Make extra sure your laces are tight