GpN  Engine Parts

                   Blocks, Crank Shafts, Pistons, Piston Ring Sets, Con Rods, Head Bolts, Gasket Sets,

         Main & Big End Bearing Sets, Short Block Assemblies, Timing Belt Covers,                            

                      Oil Pumps, Timing Belts, Cylinder Heads, Valves, Sensors, Hoses and Sumps

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EJ20  2.0 litre  VAB    NEW  Complete Engines

Just need Exhaust Manifold & Turbo


Genuine Subaru Short Block Assemblies

10103AB470   EJ207  2.0 litre  GRB

10103AC510  EJ20   2.0 litre  VAB

Block, Crank, Rods & Forged Pistons


                                     B13  Engine  Just built by GT Motorsport

Steel Rods, Omega Pistons   -  Ready to Fit


EJ20  Engine Block  11008AB210    Cylinder Heads   11039AB660 & 11063AB130


Throttle Bodies

Crank Shafts

Con Rods


Valves, Springs & Stem Seals


Pistons  &  Ring Sets

Oil Pumps 10mm, 11mm & 12mm Rotors   &   Head Bolts

GpN Sumps