GpA & WRC   Parts

Upright/Hub Assemblies   S5   -  S11

S11>   Irish Tarmac  Upright/Hub  Assembly


WRC  Rear Upright Assembly  S11 - S12b

S14  Front & Rear Upright/Hub Assemblies


WRC Damper Assemblies  S5 - S14



GpA   -  S10                          TCA's   Gravel & Tarmac  New & Used                   S11 - S12b


                          >S10                  Castor Blocks & Parts                    S10>


Uprights    Front  &  Rear    S5  -  S12b

Hub  (Bearing Carrier)   Bearings, Seals, Spacers & Wheel Studs


WRC  Brakes

 WRC Brake Callipers   AP  &  Alcon   New & Used

New  AP  WRC  S5 '98/'99 Hand Brake Assemblies with Carbon Handle

New  Alcon WRC S6 - S10  Hand Brake Assemblies with Carbon Handle

Alcon  &  AP  WRC Pedal Box Assemblies

WRC  Brake Master Cylinders  AP & Alcon

WRC Bells  AP & Alcon



  Trailing Links  &  Parts

Lateral Links



                                                        S5  Front Subframes


S6 - S12b Front Subframes

  Rear  Subframes   S5  -  S12b


STI  WRC  Steering Rack

Visteon  &  UKJC  WRC Racks


Track Rods  (Drop Arms)  &  Rack Boots                                       Track Rod Ends

Steering Clevis

Steering UJ's

WRC  PAS Pumps & Mounts

WRC  Steering Parts


WRC  Anti-Roll Bars

A/Roll Bar Mounts  &  Parts



     BBS  WRC Tarmac  4 x 136 PCD                Speeline WRC  Tarmac   5 x 100PCD


Speedline WRC Tarmac 5 x 100 PCD           Speedline WRC Gravel  5 x 100 PCD

Tie Down Straps


New  GpA & early WRC Foot Rest/ECU Holders

S7 - S10 Rear Quarter Panels  Steel

S11 - S12b Rear Quarter Panels  Carbon or GRP/Composite

WRC Bumpers  Front & Rear  S5 - S14   Carbon & GRP/Composite

WRC Bonnet Vents                                        WRC Carbon Door Mirrors

Roof Vents

WRC Multi-Element Rear Spoiler         Carbon 2.8kgs  or  GRP  10kgs

WRC Lamp Pods  Carbon & GRP

S7/S8 Carbon Head Lamp Surrounds

WRC  Engine & Transmission Parts

WRC Engines  Available for Exchange Re-Furbished

WRC Turbo's     &    ALS  "Rocket"

New  WRC Crank Shafts

WRC Sumps  S5 - S14

WRC  Inconel Exhaust Manifolds  S5 - S14

WRC  Exhaust Parts

WRC  Inlet Manifold Assemblies

Exchange  Re-Furbished  ALS Valve Assemblies

WRC  Boost Packs

WRC Throttle Motors   New, Used & Re-Furbished

WRC Intercoolers  S5 - S12b

WRC Rad Packs

WRC Sensors  &  Wiring


WRC  Fuel Box Assemblies, Pumps, Filters & Fittings

WRC Transmission

Transmission Parts

Transmission Cross Members

WRC Prop Shafts

WRC Drive Shafts & Parts

WRC  Rear Diffs

WRC  Rear Diff Cooler Assembly


New  GpA  &  Legacy  Coolant,  PAS  &  Breather  Tanks

WRC  Weld-in  Roll Cage