GpN  Parts

GpN  "Hawkeye"  Gas Discharge Lamp Units 

R/H dips to Right - L/H dips to Left


  GpN  Sti  Turbo Hose Kit                                                                                   GpN  Radiators

N14  Sti  Oil Cooler Kit   45511ZR000

C2 - N14  Boost & Breather Hoses


   GpN  Billet Long Wheel Studs                                 GpN  Plated Wheel Nuts



         GpN  Engine Mount Set                          Fast Road Engine Mounts

               410224S010                                   ST4100055110  &  ST4100055120


Transmission Mounts  5MT  6MT  & N14
ST4100055200     ST410224S000    ST410224S040

                                                                         Propshafts    5 Speed   &   6 Speed

    GpN   (6 Speed)  Gearbox Crossmember

GpN  Dash Assembly

N14 Dash Panels

N14  Combination Switch Assembly

DCCD  Centre Diff Select Switch Assembly


New   Carbon   Driver's  &  Co-Driver's   Carbon Footrest


More GpN Parts

N15  Water Spray Kit

GpN  Pectal  Engine & Transmission  ECUs

GpN  Roof Vent    Sti  Steel


N14 Roof Vent Kit  Carbon

GpN  Underfloor Protection   Carbon/Kevlar

N14   Front Bumper/Sump Guard  Extension

L/Link,  T/Link,  Fuel Tank - Exhaust   Protection/Heatshield

Bumper Lamp Pods  with  Gas Discharge Lamps   N9 - N12


N14  GRP  Lamp Pods                                      N14  Carbon Door Mirrors